Most SA families would have heard of Narnu Farm at some point or another. This family favourite has been a school camp destination since I was a kid (which is sadly quite some time ago). My kids have been several times with school over the years but I was excited to learn that not only is it a school camp fave, but there are a number of beautiful cabins and cottages for families to stay at all year round.

Narnu Farm is a family-friendly, interactive holiday destination on Hindmarsh Island – South Australia.  With farm cottage style accommodation, bonfires, animal feeding, horse riding lessons, trail rides, truck rides and so much more it was such a memorable experience for our family.

We were lucky enough to stay in the historic Narnu Cottage, built in the mid to late 1870’s (or just before I was born according to my kids who have coincidentally had wifi access revoked), this magnificent stone building had all the modern conveniences whilst retaining the ye-olde charm of yesteryear. With spacious (and I mean spacious….ginormous was Mr 5’s input) bedrooms and a large comfy living room, for us it was the ideal spot to rest after a day on the farm.

But what do you do on the farm? As someone who has spent most of his 38 years avoiding manual labour, it is always a novelty to throw my hat into the ring and see what farm life is all about. Luckily I didn’t have to pick up a shovel, but the fam was treated to a range of activities held daily on the farm for visitors. 

Do you like animals? Feeding times are daily in the morning and mid arvo. With pigs, guinea pigs, baby deer (almost as cute as Baby Yoda), chickens, different types of chickens (apparently there is more than 1? Who knew), scary AF emus (was actually really placid but emus….nope), goats and of course horses. So many horses. Horses for all shapes and sizes….except my size. But not the horses fault. I blame too many mince pies at Christmas.

The kids had a blast on the horse trail rides, which catered with horses from Mr 5 up to Miss 15, with the trail rising up and giving a brilliant view of the river and the property itself. Finishing up the days activities you can’t go past the truck rides, which takes you around the huge farm to feed all the beautiful horses. Thankfully none of my daughters now want a horse. That is a lie, they want all the horses.

The farm also offer a bunch of cool playgrounds and cubby houses scattered around the place, tennis courts, basketball and other sports to muck around with. This place really has it all. If you want to learn about pioneer farming or just relax and pat guinea pigs, your entire clan will have a ball.

You’ll find Narnu Farm at
Monument Rd &, Sidney Parade, Hindmarsh Island SA
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