December 8th will see Peter Combe bring his talents to The Dunstan Playhouse as a part of his National Christmas Album Live In Concert Tour, and it sounds like a show not to be missed!

The scale of this tour is both complex and fabulous, as it will be the first time Peter has toured with a full band and kids choir in each location. Peter’s Adelaide show being made all the more special as his young grandson will join him on the stage.

Peter Combe’s Christmas Album, so far as he knows, is truly unique and the only Christmas album of its kind in Australia, boasting all original tracks. Peter tells us that it is his most successful and loved album, and he is humbled to know that many family Christmas traditions are under pinned by this music.

So, Kids in Adelaide took some time out to chat with Peter recently – it was such a hoot. We figure Peter has literally done thousands of interviews over the years and so decided to simply bring you seven quick stories that you probably didn’t know about Peter Combe.

Did Peter get in trouble as a kid?
Not always….but there was one time as a seven or eight year old he tells us that he set out in his local suburb of Underdale with a box of MATCHES to a near by vacant grassy block. Peter knew he could light the grass and figured he’d do just that, and then quickly blow it out. Not as easy in practice it seemed, and when the fire got away Peter ran for home and hid under his bed, certain the police were coming to arrest him and take him off to jail.

Epic stuff ups?
Peter DREAMS of epic on stage stuff ups ALL THE TIME. Usually to do with having no sound on stage. He’s been pretty lucky though and not too much has gone wrong that a bit of creative improvisation hasn’t seen him right. There was one time in Melbourne he arrived at a gig and had forgotten to bring his guitar though….. kind of instrumental to the success of his show (pun intended) – so he had to make the 40 min trip back to his hotel to get it – the show ran late, he thought of excuses, but just came clean and told the audience what had happened.

FACT or Fiction?
Turns out Mr Clickety Cane is an entirely fictitious character after all. Phew, other wise I think it would be fair to say he must have been one reasonably un-hinged dude. I think it’s also now universally been agreed (between Peter and myself) that washing your face with pulp free orange juice doesn’t provide near the heightened exfoliation benefits as the full pulp variety. Kidding…..please no one wash their face with orange juice!

Some of Peters favourite SA childhood memories include holidaying at Pt Elliot and his love of swimming. Also his father used to get up at 6am each day to play tennis with Peter. Maybe he could have preceded Lleyton? Peter loves these memories and feels very grateful for the stable loving childhood his parents afforded him.

SA Fave?
Now with 7 grandchildren of his own – Peters favourite place to enjoy their company is Carrickalinga Beach. They have a house here and it’s perfect for kids and exploring and just good family time. He loves the local community and thinks we should all check it out if we haven’t been.

Peter has had lots of lovely fan moments, and no nothing too freaky. Recalling school performances in the 80’s, he loves when a kid would hang around after a show – every one else has returned to class and you can just tell the kid is NEEDING, BURSTING & ITCHING to tell you something. Usually not even a question. One little girl told him very genuinely “Hey Peter Combe, you are very good for 70c” – it has always stuck with him and he felt like asking her if she would have paid 95c). Also once a young boy told him matter of factly “Hey Peter Combe! We have a dog named Peter Combe”…..and yep I’m totally now floating this idea with my family the minute we get a puppy.

Peter confesses he doesn’t really miss school teaching. And he feels like his performances are partly teaching capacity any way.

Ah what the heck…Let’s make it EIGHT things!
Peter is about to celebrate a special personal milestone. His 70th Birthday. Most certainly still young at heart.

What a delightful, high energy and at times side-splittingly funny catch up this was. I’m really thinking it would be un-Australian not to consider taking your kids or grandies along to this up coming gig. AND if you can’t then you should definitely grab the kids a copy of his Christmas Album and pop it on high rotation this December.

Tickets to the December 8th Concerts at 3pm and 7pm are on sale now click HERE