Gorgeous leafy playground located in Prospect suitable for all ages. This playground has a lovely vibe about it with some great play equipment in a “magical” garden theme.

This playground allows the children to play on the equipment, explore the garden and nature areas, build sandcastles in the sandpit, splash in the small water play area, kick a ball on the lawn or just relax on a blanket. The playground is fully fenced but also offers lots of shady grassed areas outside the fence that can be utilised for picnics /parties.

The play equipment has 2 separate areas to cater for different ages. The Toddler area has a slippery dip on the hill surrounded by grass, a swing set including baby swing, some climbing equipment and a few small fun bouncing pieces. The bigger kid’s area is based around a constructed tree house feel which offers harder/higher ropes and a higher slippery dip area however this area is not under shade. Both areas have bark chips underneath for a softer landing. This playground has tables located around the fenced in area however the toilets, BBQs and drinking fountain and more bench tables are located outside the playground fence.

A great park/playground for just a quick play or to stay for a picnic or host a party. I love how they have themed this playground with a magical garden feel with novelty areas to play amongst to add character for the children.

This park comes highly recommended from my 6-year-old godson and his 2-year-old brother who have spent hours playing in the playground. There mum also loves it as it is just a short stroll down Menzies St to Prospect road where you have many choices of takeaway coffee to grab on the way. My recommendation for most convenient to this park is Cibo or Café Cena.

Menzies Cres Prospect

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