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After hearing about how awesome QUADRO is from Roxy (read her review of QUADRO Universal here for more detail), we were keen to get a set to try ourselves so we opted for the QUADRO Basic kit and miniQUADRO Basic set. We chose the QUADRO BASIC because it includes wheels and we thought our kids would like the additional option of building vehicles – and they do!

If you’ve not heard of QUADRO before then let me start with the basics (& trust me, you’ll want to read on!). QUADRO is a fully adjustable, very long lasting, construction kit for kids (mostly!). Best suited for kids aged 6+months, the beauty of QUADRO is the unique ability to easily create anything from a cubby house, race car, climbing frame and much more. And then tomorrow, you can change it into something completely different again!

The QUADRO system is a series of extremely sturdy hollow tubes that can be placed into a variety of different connectors in a way that allows endless construction options. The tubes stay in place due to the nifty child-friendly screws that take a simple 90º twist to secure. Our 6 year old can confidently put together designs on his own, but we sometimes help out with some of the bigger and more complex models. QUADRO can keep our family all happily busy building and playing together outside or indoors all afternoon, while at other times the 4 & 6 year old take care of the building and playing all by themselves for hours!

What we LOVE about our QUADRO Basic kit:

  • QUADRO Basic comes with over 250 pieces and over 34 different designs can be made. This kit includes 4 wheels, which have proven to be a big hit with our kids in making their own vehicles to push each other around in! Other designs include the favourite cubby house and a huge range of climbing frames that can be changed as often as you like (ours have had changes every few days in the month since we got the kit!).
  • QUADRO satisfies our two different personality kids perfectly – our little engineer spends hours designing and building different sets and then he and his little brother (the climber!) spend more hours playing on the set together. Instead of getting just one climbing frame, they get the extra fun (& learning) that comes with designing and building it too. In fact, if the designs in the manual aren’t enough, you can also use the cool new, online design tool ‘Model Database’ here to design anything you can think of in advance!
  • The miniQUADRO is a 1:5 scale small version of QUADRO and adds a whole new dimension to this awesome construction play kit. Our 6 year old son is a super keen builder and loves designing and building the full scale quadro, but it’s not all day/everyday that he is going to be out in the yard making a new design. Enter  miniQUADRO to save the day! Weekend mornings or when it’s raining we often find him bunkered down with his miniQUADRO set prototyping things to build with his full scale set later that day. It’s great that the mini sets are exactly what the full size kits come with so anything he makes with the mini he knows we can make with the full scale set. We took our new miniQUADRO set with us camping for a week in the school holidays and it sure got a good work out!
  • QUADRO is very versatile – in the month since we got our kit we have used it at home for a bunch of different designs, taken the kit to the local playground to use it in an obstacle course for our children’s birthday party, used it as a water slide in the recent warm weather and played with the miniQUADRO inside for hours! If the weather is too hot or wet, QUADRO can easily bring the fun indoors too – how much fun would the kids have sleeping in an inside QUADRO cubby!?
  • QUADRO lasts forever! Seriously Roxy’s family had this for over 20 years, and we regularly hear reports about families who have had QUADRO passed through generations for 30+ years, and it still works perfectly and is fully compatible with all the new QUADRO sets too!
  • We also love that QUADRO can grow with your kids. You can add additional kits, accessories and even extra pieces if you lose any (like us!) or want to grab a few additional pieces to expand the things you can build. We just got a couple of extra 6 way connectors and our team picked up the awesome Modular Slide extension (which doubles as a water slide!!) to add even more fun to our kit. Seriously, the whole Kids in Adelaide team are now hooked on QUADRO and can’t recommend it highly enough for years of designing and building fun!

QUADRO Australia

There are a whole series of QUADRO construction set options to suit every family from My First QUADRO, right up to the Universal kit and beyond. Our QUADRO Basic set is a great set for young families, with enough pieces to make a few great cubby designs plus the wheels which add heaps of fun. QUADRO comes with a three year guarantee, but from all reports it lasts a LOT longer (like 30 years!).

Quadro comes in a range of construction sets

QUADRO and miniQUADRO are available exclusively through the brand new QUADRO Australia website here  (formerly Creative Kids Play).

To celebrate the new site, QUADRO have a number of awesome offers exclusively for Kids in Adelaide fans:

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Offers End: 7 December 2018
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For more info, or to see loads of other cool things you can do with QUADRO check out the QUADRO Australia links here to their Website, Facebook or Instagram.

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WIN a miniQUADRO DuoMobil set valued at $200!!



** We received a QUADRO Basic kit, slide and miniQUADRO Basic for the purposes of this review however, as for all reviews from Kids in Adelaide, we weren’t paid to write this and all the above is honest and in my own words**