There are so many pick your own activities around Adelaide, however no one can deny once you’ve tried a delicious freshly picked strawberry nothing else will ever compare! Strawberry picking season usually happens between October and May (weather dependant) but best to check each individual patch as they all vary. We have sent the team around Adelaide to test out the strawberry patches of Adelaide and have collated our favourites below.

Don’t let any of your beautiful strawberries go to waste there are SO many ways to utilise them…. think strawberry jam or even our fruit roll ups would be the perfect option click here for more details on this recipe.

Harvest the Fleurieu PYO

You will find Harvest the Flerieu a short drive south at the stunning Mount Compass. The patch is open everyday from 9am – 4pm during picking season but pre booking is required.
At the farm there is an amazing Market Hall you can browse which is full of local produce, as well as a cafe where you can purchase beautiful meals made from scratch using nothing but local produce. You also can’t go past the coffee! 

  • $5 Per Person
  • Children under 12 years FREE


  • $10 Each
  • Minimum of 1 Punnet per group of 5

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Beerenberg PYO

Beerenberg located in Hahndorf is a beautiful family day out and is open 7 days during picking season. (Always best to check the website prior though). The Farm Shop located at the patch offers a full array of Beerenberg products you’ll be able to try (as well as some you won’t find anywhere else), see where they grow their produce and chat with the lovely staff.

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Green Valley Strawberries

Green Valley is a family owned Strawberry farm Located in Nairne, South Australia. No PYO here but you can visit the farm gate seasonally from October until May where you can buy the freshest berries and local goods. Whist you are visiting and collecting your supply of produce, you can also sit back and enjoy a relaxed Hills experience at the café where two sisters Christie & Steph share their passion for simple, delicious homemade food and the finest quality coffee in the Adelaide Hills. 

Wednesday- Sunday 8:30am – 4:00pm

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Mount Barker Strawberries

Visit Mount Barker Strawberries and enjoy the experience this place has to offer. Although there is no PYO available here, you can purchase First Grade extra large or smaller strawberries, Second Grade strawberries which are ideal for smoothies, jam making or cutting up in cereal, ice cream, yoghurt etc. They also make our own Gourmet Strawberry jam which you must try.

The kids will love them, buying in bulk packs. While you visit, you can also get some tips on growing your own strawberries in the garden.

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