Tangari Regional Park is HUGE. 60 hectares of natural vegetation and 65 hectares of open parklands huge and is one of the few remaining large open spaces within metropolitan Adelaide.

Whether you’re into bike riding, walking, horse riding or even BMX there’s a trail to suit everyone. There’s an easy 2.5 km loop that’s great for walking, bikes and you might even come across a horse. It’s also dog friendly (on leash)

Bike Trails and BMX Track

Tangari has traditionally been a home for dirt jumps over the years in that corner of the south. The formalization of these trails occured a few years ago when Onkaparinga Council and The Trail Collective came together to sculpt some of the most beautiful Dirt Jumps I have ever seen. They were however not for the uninitiated and required a very high level of skill and confidence to ride.

The new line opened just last weekend. It is only a third the height of the previous jumps, it is fast and flowing and incorporates the opportunity to gap off the kickers or roll the adjacent B line, riding to your ability and building confidence as you go. These trails are aimed at teenager engagement but would still be suitable for skilled and confident riders 10 and up.

Always remember to wear appropriate safety gear, I recommend long pants, sleeves and gloves to minimise abrasions should you fall, therefore you can get straight back up and do it again. The ground is however sand based so a bit more forgiving than the gravel BMX tracks we grew up with. Being located in a pine forest there is an abundance of shade, an early morning or late afternoon session is beautiful and much cooler than under the mid day sun.

During school time utilisation will be the lowest, you could have the place all to yourself. Often when taking young kids to a skatepark the busyness and chaos of all those people can be intimidating and off putting. We did not find the same problem last night, the singletrack downhill nature of this new line allowed people to queue up, space out and still feel like they had the run all to themselves.

It is located at the bottom of Pine Road Woodcroft just up from the corner of Reynell Road. A formal carpark is just uphill from the Dirt Jumps but ample space is provided along with access right alongside. This new beginner run is the westernmost or furthest from the Pine Rd fence line. Warning there was no toilets or waterpoints to be seen. If you get there and it all seems a bit too much there are beautiful shared use trails for walking and cycling around the greater Tangari Regional Park which we moved on to afterwards. Gentle gradients, wide paths, pram friendly even if you drop off the kids and have a moment to yourself.

Harvey our 8yo was happy to be out on the trails, Callum 10yo was enthusiastic and 41yo dad was bursting out of his skin. We had a great time. Child tested, Dad certified!

Thanks to Scott Hamilton for this review and photos.