Where: 4 Fisher Crescent, Craigburn Farm

The name says it all and YES it is a BIG slide. This playground is a hidden gem tucked away amongst houses in this quiet suburb but well worth a visit. This playground is FABULOUS to burn off some energy and it suitable for a few different ages . It is certainly for the more adventure orientated kids and due to the steep decline and NO fence you need to keep a close eye on the little ones all the time.

Big Slide playground is located between 2 streets (Riding Way at the top and Fisher Cres at the bottom) and the play area has been cleverly designed around the steep terrain. At the top end of the play area is the toddler area so my advise would be to park here on Riding Way. It has a grassed area at this end along with a shaded picnic table. This area allows you to see across the entire play space but more importantly allows you to be right next to the little ones.

The toddler equipment is great for imaginative play and is all on a soft squishy surface so helps if the little ones have a fall. It features a bouncy helicopter on a landing pad, a bouncy seesaw, a bright yellow spinning top, swing set with baby swing and a huge gecko print on the ground with hopscotch in it which seems to be a theme across the park.

To access the lower area of the play space you have 2 choices . You venture over the other side of the toddler play and you will find a wooden hut that leads to THE BIG SLIDE. If I am honest I sent hubby on this with our 16 month old and I am really not sure who had more fun. It picks up a bit of speed but due to the design slows you down at the bottom to avoid any crash landings. (So I was told). As it is a metal slide a shade has been placed over the end to avoid any burns however I would still be steering clear on a very hot day. For the less adventurous ( me ) The other way to access the remainder of the play space is to walk done the stairs to the lower lever.

The lower level of the playground features some nature play along with an awesome hill rope climb, rock climbing wall and chain rope climb that the kids can use to climb their way back to the top. All marked out with giant gecko feet to keep with the theme. There is also lots of trees to run about in and run off some steam with some scattered tables to utilise.

Big Slide Playground is unique and a little different from the rest so we do LOVE it. Things to consider there is NO Fence, NO toilets or NO shade and based on a very STEEP block. Whilst it was designed as a local playground I do think it is worth the visit if you know what to expect. If you have running toddlers I would keep away for now. Treetops playground and Oakridge nature playground are not far away so maybe you could have a go at all 3 whilst in the area. I love all of them an awesome play day for the kids.

4 Fisher Crescent, Craigburn Farm