Twelftree Reserve College Park Playground

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Twelftree Reserve is a gorgeous College Park Playground and perfect to take the younger kids to burn up some energy or explore in the outdoors, and would make a perfect place to have a kids birthday party. There are two slightly separated, bark chipped playgrounds – about 15m from each other. The first caters for walking to 3 year olds, while the second caters for slightly older kids (say, 3-8 years). For the littlies, there is a stepped ramp with platform and toddler slide, a fire truck easily accessible for walkers and a number of spring rockers which my 2 year old could manage to scale and rock to his heart’s content. In the older area there are 4 swings (2 ‘baby’ enclosed swings and 2 regular swings), a larger slide with ladder and a couple of 2 and 4 way see-saws. There is also a half court basketball court with backboard and hoop, 2 free use gas BBQs and a water bubbler. There are numerous seating options, but only 3 with tables. At the moment (being winter) there isn’t much shade as the trees in the area are mostly deciduous, but come summer I think there would be some lovely shaded areas for picnics with the family.

At the Northern end of the College Park Playground there are steps down to the River Torrens (about 80m from the park). It’s a rather steep decent, but most 2-3+ year olds could probably manage the stairs and the short walk down to the water and the low bridge crossing. The path meets the linear park bikeway that runs from Tee Tree Gully down to Henley Beach so you could easily cycle or walk here along that with the kids. When we visited last time there were a number of ducks and moorhens around the area to keep the toddlers happy.

Please note that the entire park/play area is not fully enclosed, however the Southern area surrounding the kids play equipment is fenced on 3 sides. The Northern half of the park is a lovely open grassy area, however dogs are allowed off leash in this area (but restricted to at least 15m away from the play equipment. If you do choose to bring your dog along too, please make sure you keep them off the play areas as the signs state.

The only down side was that I couldn’t see any toilets in the immediate vicinity. Across the road from the park there is the cute College Park Deli which sells a range of produce and corner store items – most little deli’s like this have vanished over the years, but this one holds out and serves a nice coffee and snack range. A few streets away you can also find the St Peters Bakery – famous for its range of pies and sweet treats and always packed!

This little gem is best suited to 18months – 7 years.

Twelfthtree Reserve

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