I absolutely ADORE this Stick People Community  craft idea from Danya Banya.

Who wouldn’t want a community of Stick People at their house? We have created many stick people (and toilet paper people!) in the past few years, and, as the girls get older, it’s fun seeing and hearing what imaginative adventures the kids create for their Stick People to get involved in. We have Stick People in the fairy garden, Stick People joining us for dinner and Stick People hunting down the local sleepy lizard, Lance.

And although our efforts are quite laughable compared to Danya Banya’s, the kids had so much fun that it really doesn’t matter (thank goodness)!

Below is an image of the activity from the Danya Banya website.

A Community of Stick People
A Community of Stick People from Danya Banya
Stick People by Elka and Fleur
Stick People by Elka and Fleur (we tried!)

I love that this activity embodies imagination creativity, nature and the development of fine motor skills. As Danya Banya points out too, it can suit a range of age levels and abilities (thankfully for me!).

Don’t forget to check out the Danya Banya website, it’s full of loads of creative activities for your kids to enjoy at home.

There’s lots of other ideas on ways to involve nature in play too! Click here to find out more.

Danya Banya- Nature and Play
Danya Banya- Nature and Play

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