Who loves a double playground? Of course you do! Blackwood Hill Reserve, funnily enough located up in the backstreets of Blackwood next to the footy club, is a huge complex offering not only the use of the pristine footy club oval (dare say Saturdays it may be busy in winter though!), but cool little playgrounds on either side. 

What you might find cool like we did, is apart from the playgrounds and the oval, the Blackwood Hill Reserve is a great starting point to jump on the walking trails that wind around the area . Beautiful trees and scrub (nice and open though from what we saw if you…like me….are a snake scaredy cat) make it a top spot for a hike or to ride your bikes. Park where we did at the footy oval and the huge signs will clearly pan out your trek or ride if you want to give it a crack.

The main playground is a beauty. Something a bit different which the kids loved. Fairly challenging (but not impossible) for Mr 5 and some good high ninja opportunities for the older kids, it was cool to have a bit of playground variety. This one isn’t fenced, but that isn’t an issue as it is tucked well inside the huge complex (The footy club is fenced from the road though so that isn’t a problem) and the playground itself isn’t shaded apart from nearby trees which mainly cover the few seat/table combos. Didn’t see any toilets which kind of sucked, but I would expect they would open the club rooms up from time to time if you happen to be nearby on game days. No BBQ facilities either if you were hoping to fire it up and watch the game while the kids played on the playground.

The smaller playground, right next to the club rooms, is fully fenced and a nice little set up for the kids to muck around in, but is more for the smaller kids rather than the older ninja-hopefuls.

A really nice facility this one, with lots to offer and given it is tucked away right in the backstreets, you probably wouldn’t even know it was there! Pat on the back to us for sharing it with you 🙂