Chat Well Allied Health is a paediatric allied health service for children aged 0-18, offering speech pathology, Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) assessment, and social groups.  They offer flexible service delivery options including; school or home visits, telehealth or clinic-based sessions, at Greenacres and Mawson Lakes. Their clinics are well equipped with a range of resources and materials, as well as an office pup, named Chelsea, to support children while creating a fun and exciting environment that they look forward to attending.  Chat Well strives to make a positive impact to the lives of children and their families by providing fun, innovative and functional therapy services and places a strong emphasis on empowering children to develop self-confidence, independence and a positive attitude towards learning. 

 Chat Well provides speech pathology services for; early intervention (late talkers), speech clarity, understanding and use of language, literacy, social communication and AAC (Alternative and Augmentative Communication). Their Speech Pathologists can support children with a range of diagnoses, including, autism, intellectual disability, developmental delays and much more. 

The speech pathology process begins with an initial consultation, followed by assessment and collaborative goal setting prior to beginning therapy. Therapy services are goal oriented and practical, using the child’s strengths and a neurodiversity affirming approach to learn new skills. Appointments occur for 45 minutes to 1 hour, on a weekly or fortnightly basis. Chat Well works collaboratively with families, education staff and other professionals to deliver the highest level of support to their clients, by empowering those around the them to learn the skills to continue therapy in between appointments. Therapy Assistants are also available as a cost-effective way to complement speech pathology support. After an initial consultation and assessment, the speech pathologist writes a detailed therapy plan which is delivered by a final year speech pathology student at home or at school, and overseen by the speech pathologist through regular meetings. 

Chat Well offers a dual assessment for Autism Spectrum Disorder, with an Autism SA accredited Speech Pathologist and Psychologist.  The assessment involves a parent/caregiver interview and play-based observation of the child.  The diagnostic team provides families with the result and recommendations on the day of the assessment, with the full comprehensive report to follow at a later date.  

During school holidays, Chat Well runs social groups which use neurodiversity-affirming practices and cater for a range of interest areas and ages.  Social groups support clients to participate in social activities with children with common interests and provide opportunities to practice and utilize skills in a real-life scenarios.  

Visit the Chat Well website for bookings and more information.

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