Cleland Parkrun Course is tucked away in the stunning Adelaide Hills just 20 minutes from the CBD, The 5kms of trail path is accessible anytime of the week and is a reminder of just how stunning Adelaide is. When we stumbled across this little gem we knew we had to share with you as its especially great with kids.

During the walk you can expect to see kangaroos, koalas, rainbow lorikeets and so many other bird species around. You do share the path with bike riders, but they’re all really careful as there’s always a lot of walkers/hikers nearby. The views are spectacular on a clear day, you get a sweeping view of all of Adelaide from the lookout where you turn around.

Toilets, BBQs and seating are available within the carpark area. The track is so easy to access via Mt Lofty Summit Road and the course commences right near the carpark to the entrance, just follow the signs. There is so much to explore, climb, chase around, hide behind, it is a great way to burn some of that energy off!