For the purposes of this Koala Mattress Review I received a single Koala mattress however as for all reviews from Kids in Adelaide the below information is honest and in my own words.

Here we go: the Koala Mattress Review!

If you’ve come here wanting to know if these rolled up mattresses in-a-box are any good the answer is YES. They are brilliant! Koala I’m loving your branding, your website, your delivery process and most importantly…….your mattress!

If that’s all you need to know and you want one now visit and USE THE CODE “FRIENDSWITHKINA” for $150 off!!!! And they’ll also donate $25 to our chosen charity Novita Children’s Services for anyone using that code!

But if you need more convincing… on…..

When I bought my daughters “big girl bed” (as in her bed base) there were two mattresses to choose from at the shop. One was about $200 the other was $600ish. I changed my mind about 20 times, but ended up with the cheaper one because I couldn’t justify spending hundreds of dollars more on something that didn’t really feel all that much better at the time.

Well that was a mistake.

If I had known at the time how many nights it would actually end up being me who slept on that single mattress, squished up and wrapped around a wriggling child, I would have done some shopping around! Even with the extra foam topper and padded fitted sheet we bought, this mattress was not great.

Fast forward 3 years and when the chance came up for me to try a Koala mattress, one of those “mattresses in-a-box” I’ve been seeing all over social media. I was like “Sign me up! Sign me up now!”

Guys this mattress is the EVERYTHING. Believe what you’ve read, it really is that good. It’s comfortable, it’s REALLY comfortable! It’s soft and cozy but supportive at the same time thanks to this unique kind of memory foam it’s made from, and it’s an even support, no lumps, bumps or springs and the no disturbance sleep technology means if one person rolls over  (in my case if I roll over in my daughters bed) ….the other person doesn’t end up rolling too.

We HAD to try the wine glass test we’d seen on TV and it passed!

It’s not too hot and not too cold. So if you’re a human hot water bottle like me you’ll notice straight away how breathable it is, but it’s also really cosy on these cooler Spring nights. It’s made of something called “Kloudcell” which according to the Koala website is “a comfortable, breathable, open-cell foam that draws on over 100 years of research, refined into the ultimate comfort layer”

It also comes with a removable machine washable cover, which for kids like mine who suffer from dustmite allergies is fantastic.

But it’s not just the mattress I’m really impressed with, the whole process from choosing a mattress to ordering online and the super speedy delivery was easy, quick and painless.

The Koala brand are ticking ALL of the boxes. Here are the main reasons I am loving this mattress AND this brand.

???? The website and ordering process is QUICK and EASY. Simply choose your size, choose your delivery day AND time (SO handy and ours arrived right smack on time) and checkout using online credit card, PayPal or pay it off in installments using Afterpay or ZipMoney 6 months interest free.

???? You won’t just be saving your sleep, you’ll be helping save Koalas….real ones! Every mattress sales sees a donation made to the WWF and other Koala charities. And it doesn’t stop there, every sale made using our special code “FRIENDSWITHKIA” will also see a $25 donation made to our chosen charity Novita Children’s Services.

???? Delivery is IMPRESSIVE and FREE! A lot of Adelaide addresses can have their mattress delivered in 4 hours! (if you order before 2pm on a weekday.) Or if you’re not in a rush, or live outside the zone for express delivery you can choose your day and your time which is really handy if you need to specify a time you’ll be home to receive your mattress.

???? It’s ready to get a good night’s sleep on straight away and unboxing it is fun! For a mattress to fit in a box it’s vacuum sealed and rolled up into a giant mattress burrito. All you do is take it out of the box, tear the plastic and POOF your mattress unrolls, pops open and starts plumping up right before your eyes! We left ours on the lounge room floor for the first night but only because I wanted to let my daughter do the jump test the next morning. They are good to sleep on straight away.

???? If you don’t love it, send it back – If you’re still not sure, you can sleep easy (I had to slip a pun in there somewhere) Koala offer a 120 night sleep trial. So if it’s not for you you can just send it back for a FULL refund. It also comes with at ten year warranty so you can rest easy (ha ha had to fit a pun in there somewhere) knowing that you’re not stuck with it if it’s not what you expected.

???? It’s made in Australia, by Australia – Koala mattresses are manufactured in Brisbane. They’re a young Aussie business supporting the economy and creating Aussie jobs.

I can hand on heart 100% recommend this product and this company. The whole experience has been really impressive and faultless. I’d love to answer any questions you have in the comments below and if you’re ready to purchase visit and USE THE CODE FRIENDSWITHKINA for $150 off!!!! And they’ll also donate $25 to our chosen charity Novita Children’s Services for anyone using that code!

Goodnight! Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…………….