No snowboarding in South Australia? No problems, we’ve got Little Sahara instead! No visit to Kangaroo Island is complete without a trip to Little Sahara for tons of fun (and tons of sand in every crevice!). What is it? Little Sahara is a naturally occurring inland dunefield – you’ll find around 2.5kms worth of dunes, the highest of which is about 70m above sea level. So, yep, Little Sahara is also a great workout & way to get those thighs burning as you climb up & down! Read on to find out the best way to experience this natural phenomenon.

Little Sahara is on the southern side of Kangaroo Island, about 4km inland not far from Vivonne Bay. You have a few options of how to best enjoy it – allow at least an hour if not more, depending on which activity you choose. (Just climbing up the dunes can chew up a bit of time, especially if you’re with kids with little legs!)

Hit up the Little Sahara Adventure Centre, where you can hire sandboards, toboggans or book a tour. You can also bring your own boards if you wish, though the hire boards are designed specifically for the dunes, so will probably go faster! There is no age limit on sandboarding or tobogganing & these are self supervised activities.

For families with kids aged over 3, you can do a buggy tour – a guided ride through the dunes & coastline where they guarantee koala sightings! If your kids are a bit older, you could opt for the Fat Bike Tour which is for ages 8 & over. There are also walking tours if speed is not your thing!

So many people leave Kangaroo Island saying that Little Sahara was the highlight of their trip – make sure you put it on your itinerary & see which family member can make it down the fastest! You are guaranteed a lot of fun, a lot of calorie burning & a LOT of sand in the car on the way back!

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