There is every chance if you have had a kid, been the cool uncle or aunty, or even accidentally stumbled into the kids section of any store, you will have come across some Little Tikes toys. They are synonymous with being a kid in Australia, whether it be cruising around in one of the fleet of cozy coupe or 4-in-1 trikes, or getting amongst it with a sand and water play table, these toys are insanely popular for one very good reason. They are sensational!

The Little Tikes Company was founded in 1969. After 50 years of creating the best award-winning toys, they can emphatically say, they know kids. From their long line of infant play toys to their iconic Cozy Coupe® to their classic basketball hoop, they’ve made family favourites for generations. However, this has not been without painstaking amounts of research, testing, and careful consideration of what would be best for you and your family. 

When Mr 2 was offered a chance to test out some of the famous Little Tikes range, after he finished throwing a half eaten pear behind the couch he jumped at the opportunity to play with some cracking toys. We picked up the famous Cozy Coupe (Police version to hopefully help him start to listen to some instructions….which is yet to pay off) and the Cape Cottage Playhouse for him to try out for his 2nd birthday.

The famous Cozy Coupe is available in a large range of colours and designs, so many in fact we are certain your little racer will find one that suits their passion. It is just about an Australian childhood rite of passage to own one of these beauties. Sturdily designed with strong rounded plastic interlocking parts, they are super easy to put together in a few minutes or so with minimal tools required. In no time at all your little hoon will be flying around the lounge or outdoor area, with an added option of a removable floor making it suitable for kids who aren’t quite yet ready to power themselves around (i.e you will be pushing them). We also loved the super cute trailer option that allows the kids to tow around their favourite things, which if they are similar to our kids, will be some rocks. Or sticks. Or rocks and sticks. Coming in at $129, these make for fantastic value and are built to last!

We had been looking for a cubby house for Mr 2 for quite some time, not really sure whether to spend mega $$ on some sort of tiny granny flat structure that some places offer (pretty sure they must come with running water and solar panels for the cost!), but we opted for the awesome Cape Cottage (we chose the blue but they have a few options to pick from). This was again so easy to put together, coming in several large pieces it basically constructed itself with a few clicks and snaps. Within 15 minutes or so we had our very own little shack located in our lounge room, with the quick addition of a small kids lounge Mr 2 found himself a nice quiet spot to eat his snacks away from the pesky dog. Ideal for indoors or out, this really is a very cute addition and one we could not imagine living without. It is solid too and really well constructed out of nice thick plastic. Right away Mr 2 took to it and loves nothing more than playing in his cubby, opening up the imagination play with opening doors and windows. Have a look at the pics below and tell us it isn’t just the cutest little thing you have ever seen!

With toys neatly categorised by age group on their handy website (Check it out here), you will find a mountain of fabulous toys from newborn right up to school age. Some of our other fave products in the Little Tikes range include the sand and water play tables and of course the freestanding basketball rings.

Little Tikes has always been about creating the best toys on the planet. Their toys are safe, durable, and great for all times of year.

Win A Little Tikes Cape Cottage (worth $299)

Thanks to Little Tikes we’ve got one a Cape Cottage in blue to giveaway to one lucky family. To enter simply visit the Facebook post on the link below and leave a cottage emoji 🏠 and make sure you’re signed up as a subscriber to the Kids in Adelaide e-newsletter, so we can email you if you’re the lucky winner.

WIN a Little Tikes Cape Cottage – Blue RRP $299

We received the above products from Little Tikes for the purposes of this review. As for all reviews from Kids in Adelaide the above information is honest and in our own words.

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