This quaint little play area was a little tricky to find but we are certainly glad we did. With 4 kids in tow ranging from 2 , 3 , 5 and 8 years old this playground was great for all these ages. The 8 year old loved the small flying fox along with all the challenging climbing pieces that featured several varieties of monkey bars with each frame requiring different skills set. He also loved the grassed area so he could kick his soccer ball and run freely ( oh and get away from the little ones )

The 5 and 3 year old also enjoyed the easier climbing pieces such as the stairs and ladder frames. They loved the balancing beam, enjoyed the curly slide and all took turns on the swing set. The 2 year just did her own thing – surprise suprise! Gave every thing a go (of course) and especially loved the baby swing along with the little toddler play area that features a small tunnel along with a small slippery dip.

The playground has a lovely community vibe. Some of the equipment is shaded, and it has a hedge that acts as a fence, however please be aware if you have runners it is not fully secure. The playground has no toilets and a seat/table all in one that we all sat down on for morning tea. If you are looking for food or coffee the closest is Mawson Lakes – we used the Boat Shed cafĂ© and bought the kids some snacks from home.

Lucia Place Reserve is located at 9/11 Lucia Place, Mawson Lakes