We explored Mindfulness in Art with our last instalment on Kids in Adelaide with the Shell Mobiles you created from your slow walks along the beach…or fast walks if your children are smaller and faster!

In this instalment of Mindfulness in Art we are using nothing but our own bodies and our imaginations. This activity can be used from children as young as three to your teenagers, boy or girl! Regardless of age, it is engaging and teaches the pattern as a visual element of art through the slow and repetitious repeating structure of line and form. This echoes the elements of an artwork to communicate a sense of balance, rhythm and movement.

My 13 year old son created the following art work and found the experience satisfying and soothing, especially with his favourite music playing in the background. Children in the art room from Reception to Year 6 also find this activity engaging and the noise levels drop rapidly as they all start focusing on patterns and colours.


You will need the following:

* A pencil and eraser for drafting,

* A thin black F-pen or something similar for the outlines,

* Pencils or textas for colouring,

* A3 paper or smaller for your surface,

* A lovely arm to trace!

You will need to trace your arm and hand first. If you are working with small children, remind them to push the pencil up against the surface of their arm and hand. This helps their spatial awareness understanding as they can see and feel where their body starts and ends.

Depending on the age level, children can then draft their patterns and lines with pencil or just be very confident and create marks directly onto their paper with their F-Pen. Lines can go directly against each other, much like a mandala, or keep space between elements to further create balance and harmony.

Once the lines are in, pencil or otherwise, children can begin to colour their hand and arm to create a beautiful patternation and design, contained within their own beautiful body.

Supremely satisfying!

And Mums….breathe and release! And then create your own hand/arm creation over a glass of wine or herbal tea!

Namaste X