I wish that I never knew about Moo Goo. Because if that was the case, that would mean that my 4 year old didn’t have eczema and we wouldn’t have needed to try a million creams, balms and oils to try and stop the itches and scratches that the poor thing deals with on a daily basis.

But, unfortunately that’s not the case. I do know about MooGoo, and I’ve actually known about it since Winnie was a baby. It was recommended to me numerous times from other Mums who have scratchy kids and from the first time I tried it, it’s been one of the very few products I can put on her skin that doesn’t sting. There’s NOTHING worse that putting something on your babies skin to help soothe it to then have it only sting her even more.

So after emailing the folks at MooGoo last month just to tell them how much I loved their product, and to ask about their new formula eczema cream with marshmallow and elderberry, I was pretty delighted to have the most amazing sample box arrive on my doorstep not long after! To be honest, I actually had no idea how huge the MooGoo range is.

We’ve been using MooGoo Skin Milk Udder Cream as a general moisturiser, and MooGoo Eczema and Psoriasis Cream (the brown one) for flare ups for ages. We have had a tube of each in our bathroom constantly for 4 years, so I’m not just writing this review because I got free stuff, I’m writing it because I’m already a customer, a long term repeat customer.

There is a complete range of dry skin products available, ranging from general hand and body moisturisers, to eczema and psoriasis creams, soothing MSM cream to butter balms and antibacterial hand moisturiser.

We tried the marshmallow eczema cream, and although it’s still really beautifully soothing and doesn’t sting, there must be a different ingredient in the old formula brown version that really works on Winnie’s skin. If you haven’t tried MooGoo and want my tip for the number 1 product to try first, make it this one.


I also tried the Soothing MSM Cream which we will also now have in our house as a regular. I’ve read about using MSM (Organic Sulfur) a few times now, but never tried it and this little pump pack has worked especially well on the little but really ouchy flare ups Winnie gets on her ankles and elbows. It’s a great size to keep in my handbag, or in the car.

But as well as skin care MooGoo also have a range of products for:

  • hair and scalp – really nice gentle shampoo and conditioner great for sensitive skin or for babies.
  • body (body wash, hair removal, tanning and anti ageing cream) – we have tried the body wash, and as expected it’s super gentle on itchy sensitive skin but it also actually does the job of cleaning post-kindy-dirty-foot. And trust me, my daughters kindy foot is not an easy clean!
  • teeth (moothpaste and moothwash – cute names)
  • and sunscreen!

OMG sunscreen and eczema ARE NOT FRIENDS! I have actually said to my daughter before that she needs to either put sunscreen on (which stings her) or stay inside. THAT SENTENCE REALLY SUCKS!

I do not know how and why I haven’t seen or tried this yet, but please if there are any eczema parents out there, or actually just parents who are a bit wary about all the chemicals in regular sunscreen check out the range of MooGoo Sunscreens. We tried the SPF 40+ natural sunscreen and all I need to tell you is that
1. it works – you won’t get burnt
2. you can put it on eczema skin without stinging!! HURRAH!
3. it’s rubs in nicely and doesn’t leave you looking like Casper.

I love that their labels clearly list ALL of their ingredients, and they explain exactly what each one is and what each one does. I feel really confident in MooGoo’s ingredient philosophy and I trust they’re not hiding anything nasty in there.

MooGoo Moothwash with a clear list of it's ingredients and why they're in there.

MooGoo Moothwash with a clear list of it’s ingredients and why they’re in there.

MooGoo are an Australian company based on the Gold Coast and pride themselves on being one of the most environmentally friendly skin care companies around.

  • certified carbon neutral
  • choose natural oils from only sustainable farms
  • all packaging, brochures and education materials are recyclable
  • use natural products, including in their cleansers that don’t muck up our water system (no microbeads here thanks very much)

The entire MooGoo range is available from their online store here, but also readily available from A LOT of chemists and health food stores all over S.A. You can find your nearest stockist by clicking the map below


I received a free products from MooGoo in exchange for writing this review. Although this post is sponsored, all opinions are my own.