With an additional $26.5m funding for the upgrade this amazing NEW recreation and play space will provide awesome experiences for locals and visitors. The revitalised precinct is a huge win for families and we are pleased to let you know Stage One and most of Stage Two is now finished and OPEN!

Stage One features a fabulous brand new 6 court basketball stadium, a dedicated indoor roller skate area ( this even makes me smile, as a kid I LOVED rollerskating) , indoor function space , a new indoor café and stadium gymnasium.

Cafe, Courts and Toilets inside. Epic play space and lawns for miles out side.

Image: Surfacing Contractors Australia

Stage Two is now complete (as of December 2019) and it’s one of the largest play areas developed in our city! How cool is that!!

This awesome new play space features nature play along with all access play areas. We are really pleased to hear this as we are BIG fans of play spaces that allow all abilities to play together.

There’s a new skate park still coming along with 6 tennis courts and 1 futsal court. What is a futsal court I hear some of you say? Futsal is a type of soccer that is played indoors. In this case it will be an outside futsal court with a hard surface. Lets just call it a soccer court for old times sake.

We love the wide slide with access ramp and a good mixture of ground surfaces, hopefully to cater for all.

The new play space also features in ground trampolines, a seesaw, climbing opportunities galore and a suspension bridge. There is a lovely drink fountain and toilets across the playing fields or inside the rec centre.

The new space features several BBQ and picnic facilities and lots of nice green grassy space to throw out a rug. Perfect for a birthday party or sausage sizzle.

We love the sky high stand alone climbing frame, it’s one of the tallest getting around. The above pictured alternate suspended climbing platforms look like fun too, and are one of the very few places you’ll get any shade at this point.

There is a large sand pit and some water play that have a small shade, other than that the large playground remains relatively un-shaded. We are hopeful this might change and await a response from City of Charles Sturt.

While the play space is not fully fenced, the car park side has fencing and the road seems a long way away. One further boundary is set by the recreation centre building and the last side opens on to hundreds of metres of playing fields.

We expect car parking on Saturday and Sundays to be tight. It was already before the playground opened on days when field sports and stadium sports happen at the same time. Still worth it, the entire place is a world class facility after all.

Find clean modern toilets and a canteen just a few steps away inside St Clair Recreation Centre.

Last but not least the feature of the show, TWIN curly slides. Takes a confident climber, but seems safe as they can’t easily fall and there are hand rails.

Congratulations City of Charles Sturt, she’s a beauty!

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