How about a road trip with a twist? As the Silo art craze spreads across rural South Australia we say YES please to exploring new places in our backyard with colourful art that has popped up over the year on silos across SA.

What I think is really awesome is these towns want YOU to visit them and that is why they have invested in such a great feature all for US to explore.

Say hello to South Australia’s LARGEST outdoor Art Gallery… the kids will love it… go selfie mad… and how many can you see in a year??! Get out of Adelaide (did I say that outloud) and invest some time and love into our smaller communities.

Coonalpyn Silos  “aka The one with the children on it”
Where? Dukes Highway, Coonalpyn, Limestone Coast, South Australia Artist? Guido van Helten 
Quirky facts – Guido used a 35m cherry picker, 200 cans of spray paint and a lot of normal paint!
Background – Guido spent the first week engaging with and photographing members of the community before deciding to paint five Coonalpyn Primary School children on the Viterra silos with the intention to represent Coonalpyn’s ‘hope for the future’. The children are
ine-year-old Ciara, six-year-old Blake, five-year-old Reef, six-year-old Kiarah and five-year-old Macey.

Colour Tumby Silo Art  “aka the fun one “
Where? 292 Bratten Rd, Tumby Bay, South Australia
Artist? Martin Ron
Quirky Facts – The mural was inspired by a photograph snapped in 2014 by local photographer Robert Lang who captured two boys jetty jumping – a popular summertime activity. It took 430 litres of paint and 400 hours of work . This particular silo was harder to complete than others as it runs horizontal, rather than vertical.
Background – The silo mural is just one of the rejuvenation projects led by the progress association in the past 12 months to boost the town’s profile. The feedback from residents is they needed to give the town a difference, something to give us that extra hook to make Tumby Bay a preferred holiday destination.. cue awesome SILO!!!

The Kimba Silos aka “The pretty one”
Where?  Kimba, South Australia
Artist? Cam Scale
Quirky facts ….the first to be permanently lit up in South Australia and the second in Australia.
Powered by solar, the lights will come on at 6.30pm each evening in the winter months and the amount time they stay on will be determined by the sunlight received through the day
Background – The community raised $60,000 to supplement a $40,000 grant to fund the $100,000 outdoor art project in the grain-growing community.
The community hopes it would bring visitors to the town 500km west of Adelaide.

Wirrabarra Silos aka “The one with the red bird”
Where? Forest Rd, Wirrabara, South Australia
Artist? Sam Bates
Quirky Facts – This was the first silo project for the artist and wow what a great finish! The silpo also features painted Tumby Bay resident Dion Lebrun
Background – The artist intention was to create the beauty of the town and Australian nature in the project

Waikerie Silos  aka “The Colourful One”
Where? Ian Oliver Drive, Waikerie, South Australia
Artists? Jimmy D’Vate and Garry Duncan. An Australian first ( to the best of our knowledge to feature two artists to work on a Silo)
Quirky Facts –The dramatic cliffs of Waikerie have long been popular with houseboaters and other tourists and Riverland and house boaters are able to enjoy the artwork when they are on the river. The silos showcase artworks on both sides, which can be seen from within the town and the River Murray. 
Background – The Waikerie Silos Art Mural project aims to create a stunning local attraction that reflects the theme “Healthy River, Healthy Community”

Karoonda Silos  aka “The One that Lights Up”
Where? 45 Karoonda Hwy, Karoonda
Artists? Heesco
Quirky Facts – It took Heesco approximately 38 days to paint
Background –  A tribute to the heritage of farming in Karoonda and by night it lights up with the ‘Colour Up Karoonda’ cinema show.

Cowell Silo “The Camel”
Where? Cowell, South Australia – Wikipedia
Cowell is a coastal town on Franklin Harbor on the eastern side of the Eyre Peninsula . It is approx 400 km from Adelaide.
Artists? Austin, founder of “Nitsua”
Quirky Facts – In 8 days of painting – it was 30% completed
Background –  A tribute to local legend Lionel Deer, an 86 year old local who has been a rich part of Cowell’s history, with his camels well known for mustering sheep and appearances in the towns Christmas Pageant

Cowell Silos in progress. Image from