Adelaide you are cool, cultured and creative. If your walls, windows, doors, city building high rises, silos and old factories could talk they would say “thanks for the colourful makeover”

Street art is here, there and everywhere all over the walls of Adelaide and regional SA for all to see and admire (and take many many selfies in front of)

From Indigenous Art Murals, pop art, rainbows, patterns and everything in between this is a growing scene in Adelaide that art lovers can discover, explore and be amazed by (and take many many selfies in front of)

If you have mini humans who love street art and discovering new places (and taking many many selfies) – here’s a few of the street art installations we know of and some ideas on how to get the kids involved.

Buy an Art Diary! Visit Smiggle or Kmart for a inspirational notebook that can be your child’s art notes. Add new notes when you find a new wall, take a photo and place it in the diary for your street art collection and bonus points if you can find the artist!

Vision. Art always comes from somewhere. Ask and probe your child’s thinking when you discover a new piece. “What do you see?” “Why do you think the artist painted this?” “What are they trying to say” the interpretation for one’s masterpiece (especially from a child’s eyes) is simply amazing.

Tell us! Discovered something amazing… let us know in the comments below, or on our Facebook post. We’re sure there are MANY more to add to this list. We’d love you to share what you find.

Adelaide CBD


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