Where: Brighton Road, Brighton (Highet Avenue is a side street nearby)

Fully Fenced Playground! That is usually music to the the ears of a lot of people, because knowing your little tacker can run around and not actually escape is just bliss. Thankfully the newly developed Gladys Mathwin playground at the Brighton Oval sports complex is fully fenced and with a load of other must haves for parents (except toilets which weren’t readily visible but would be in the sports complex buildings nearby) including lots of free parking, drinking fountain, seating, picnic tables, shade and a fully sheltered BBQ. What a great spot!

The playground is fantastic and has lots for kids of most ages, with a big tube slide, lots of climbing equipment and swings and some beautiful brightly coloured smaller equipment for the under 5 crowd.

We loved the bright colours, lots of shade, easy access to the oval for a kick of the footy and proximity to all the coffee spots of Jetty Road at Brighton. They have used bark as the major ground material so it may cause an accessibility issue at times but paths and soft surfaces have been used amongst the bark as well.

Looking for a place to eat after a playground date? We have visited a number of fabulous family friendly eating spots nearby which you can find here.

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  • The City of Unley consulted with the "playground experts" to help them upgrade the Unley Oval playground. During community consultation with local residents, the City of Unley specifically sought suggestions from children in the area about what they would like to see incorporated into the improved playground, atop the northern mound at Unley Oval, known as the ‘Hilltop Playground’. 93 children from local schools and kindergartens offered their suggestions with most popular ideas including an aeroplane, haunted house, castle, pirate ship, nature play and incorporating animal designs such as elephants, spiders, cats and unicorns. (YES! playgrounds DEFINITELY need more unicorns we say!) The kids love the new multi-story structure with giant 3m tube slide, a toddler slide, climbing wall and a bird's eye view across the whole oval. There is also a great 'balanced swing/see-saw' that both kids and adults can enjoy at the same time.

  • THIS PARK IS A WINNER! We stopped in on the way to cherry picking at Lennane's for a "quick" play but it turned into an extended play once we got there and we'll definitely be back. This park was renovated in 2015 and it still looks great. It's in a really nice big open space next to Payneham Oval and surrounded by trees and covered in nice green grass. The playground has shade sails over the main play areas but definitely make sure you bring your hat and sunscreen because there are lots of open areas to play. The playground is not fully fenced BUT it's easy to watch your kids from all angles and the streets on each side are quiet so not too much of a worry. The park has a jigsaw theme and the range of equipment has something for everyone from toddlers to older kids. Sand area with digger, water play and a climbing wallHill area with slide, rope bridge and climbing ropesMain playground area with climbing ropes, bridge, poles, slide,Swings including a disabled swing with frame and handles, toddler swing and a nest swingWater play with a pump, trough & water channelActive play fitness equipment…

  • Victoria Road By accident I came across this play space when in the area. Very much a local little playground attached to the North Haven Footy Club. Fully fenced this playground features a mixture of equipment catering for a few ages but mainly little ones. The large climbing wall frame is a huge feature and is the main piece that caters and challenges the older kids. The toddlers and early school years are the ones that benefit the most from this playground and you will find your usual fun pieces with a swing set and slippery dip. You will also find a few pieces for the little ones to climb on and up which is always good for their development. A few of my favourites at this playground are the bouncy motor bike which is great for imaginative play, the bouncy sea saw and the mini merry go round. Majority of the play equipment is covered by shade and outside the fenced area you will find a sheltered picnic table and BBQ. There are NO toilets at this playground. Provided no sport there is lots of  grassed area for the kids to run around,do hand stands or kick balls. I…

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