Got yourself an emotional support drink bottle and want to fill it with something equally as satisfying?

We were given a 9L benchtop Alkaline Water Filter from the folks at Earths Water and I will admit I started out a bit sceptical if it would really make that much difference…….. it does.

This isn’t our first water filter, we’ve owned a ceramic candle type one for years, replace it every 6 months or so and to be honest I never stopped to think “Gees! this water tastes good” it just hasn’t really been something I’ve thought about. What I definitely did notice from my first glass of water from this filter is that it has no distinctive taste, and it’s not until you’ve tried water with no taste that you realise that tap water, or the water you might be currently drinking DOES have a taste, and it’s probably not a good one.

The design of the benchtop filter is sleek with it’s natural bamboo stand and high borosilicate glass (no crappy plastic) and one thing I really love is the speed of the tap. You could listen to an entire podcast while filling up a water bottle with our old filter, it was so slow. The tap on this one is super fast, as fast as the kitchen tap so you’re full in just a few seconds. I’ve also noticed the filtering is much quicker on this one than our old one so it dispenses quickly and filters quickly. Ain’t no one got time for a slow tap!

Set up involves a few steps assembling the bamboo base and flushing the filter to prepare it properly. The instructions were super easy to follow so we were up and running (or filtering) in no time.

So here’s the low down on the sciencesy stuff that makes Earths Water one of the leading water filters out there (over 20 years of research has gone into these products)
Earths Water natural alkaline water system uses a proprietary process to remove up to 98% of contaminants including suspended solids like sand, dust and rust, pesticides, chlorine and other residual water pollutants. But they don’t just take stuff out, they’ll also add health benefits to your everyday drinking water increasing pH levels to 7.4 – 8.5, increasing alkalinity, increasing antioxidants, and increasing Minerals Se, Zi, Ca, Mg, Se, Li, K & 20+ trace elements.

Of course there’s one other major benefit to owning your own water filter and that’s the money you’ll save on bottled water and reduce your contribution of the 60 million plastic bottles that end up in landfill EVERY DAY, yikes! Using filtered water works out at around 5c a litre – which is a significant saving and we all need those right now!

Water bottles are the latest must have accessory (I’m looking at you Frank Green) so it just makes sense to fill them with water that’s as good for your body as the bottle is good for your street cred.

If you’re not ready for the benchtop investment yet, Earths Water also sell a range of jugs and carafes including a handy 2.4L Alkaline Water Filter Jug Pitcher currently on sale for $89

For more information and to shop online with FREE DELIVERY over $199 visit

We were given an Earths Filter 9L Benchtop Water Filter for the purposes of this review,  however as for all reviews from Kids in Adelaide the above is honest and in our own words. This review also contains affiliate links.

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