Easter 2020 will be one to remember for some very unusual reasons. Here’s  hoping that with all the extra time most of us have on our hands, we could could make this a time that our children will remember for all the right reasons!
Memories of family, connectedness, fun, sharing time and love. We can’t go on a holiday but we can decorate our homes in beautifully creative ways to bring a sense of magic and colour to our ‘Stay at Home’ Easter!
Here are some Easter Art activities you can do at home in the lead up to Sunday!

Easter Egg Sun Catcher

You will need:

  • Clear Contact
  • Confetti/shredded colourful paper/easter egg wrappers
  • Sticky tape


  • Cut contact into an oval shape
  • Carefully peel back the contact halfway and stick the top sticky side up on a table, then peel off the rest and stick the other end down too!
  • Let your child decorate the egg by sticking colourful confetti or tissue paper down on the egg
  • Shake off excess
  • Cut a rectangular piece of contact and place it on top, sandwiching the decorated egg and leaving a sticky border so that you can attach it to a window or door!

Fork Chick

A really simple painting for children aged 2+ to achieve! You could even paint a few and place them around the house!

You will Need:

  • Plastic fork
  • Yellow paint
  • Paper
  • Black Texta/Crayon
  • Red piece of paper or scrap
  • Googly Eyes!


  • Draw a circle for your child in yellow pencil
  • Dip the fork into the paint and guide your child to paint inside the circle!
  • Add the red beak and googly eyes
  • Draw on chicken legs and feet!!!

Toilet Roll Bunnies

Another great use for all those toilet rolls everyone would have at the moment!
Use them to print bunnies! So quick and fun!

You will need:

  • White paint
  • Green paint or crayon
  • Cotton buds
  • Black texta/pencil/charcoal
  • Pink pencil/crayon/paint
  • Glue
  • 3 toilet rolls
  • Coloured paper (we only had blue but pink would look great!)


  • Start by squashing two of the toilet rolls together to make ears!
  • Tape or glue them to the other round roll
  • Dip your bunny stamp into the white paint
  • Start stamping
  • Get your child to add green grass for the bunnies to jump in with the cotton buds
  • Add bunny faces with the black
  • Add a bit of pink in the ears

*You could also add easter eggs in the grass by doing thumb prints in different coloured paint!

B is for Bunny

You will need:

  • Coloured paper
  • Cotton Balls
  • Pencil or white charcoal
  • Glue
  • Googly eyes (you can draw eyes too!)
  • Cotton buds for gluing


  • Draw a B!
  • Demonstrate how to use the cotton bud to put glue on the lines of the B!
  • Pop on a cotton ball!
  • Cover the whole thing!
  • Add a cute face

*We made ears by tracing little hands and adding some pink, but you could also make regular shaped bunny ears and glue them to the top!

Some other ideas!

*In keeping with a hopping theme, how about drawing a chalk hop scotch game on the driveway!
*Make a cardboard cut out of bunny feet and use the good old powder to create some bunny magic!
*Take the top off a real egg, empty it out, refill with flowers or confetti, food colouring and water. Stand upright and freeze. When frozen, take off the shell to reveal a beautiful painting egg! Pop some paper in an oven tray and let it slither and slide, creating a beautiful Easter egg painting!

Happy Easter from our family to yours!