Find it at: Alexandra Street, Prospect

This is a little hidden gem nestled in the quiet suburb of Prospect .This playground is fabulous spot for kids to get lost amongst nature. Surrounded by big beautiful trees and shrubs this park allows kids to utilise the play equipment and encourages imaginative play amongst the nature which includes a pebble dry creek and art bridge. Amongst the nature and play equipment you will also find with some quirky animals positioned around the reserve. These include an owl in the tree, a possum in the equipment area and if you dare to explore you may even find a crocodile in the creek .

The play equipment is made with wood and blends in with the parks nature theme. It features a slippery dip, climbing ropes, awesome climbing structures along with a spinning top and swing set ( including baby swing). You will also find a chalk board for the kids to write and draw pictures on ( a nice touch I think )

The reserve also features a half basketball court along with plenty of grass for the kids to let off some steam. Whilst this park has lots of trees to help with the shade there are NO shade clothes over the play equipment and NO toilets. It does have an under cover BBQ and picnic table. The Alexandra st entrance has a fence but unfortunately the park also backs onto a cul de sac which has no fence but minimal traffic in the street. This park is a little hidden treasure.

In need of a coffee Prospect road is only a short walk away and has many cafes and coffee shops.

Alexandra St Prospect

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