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South Australia is a BIG place with LOTS of great things to do and see for families. We try and get to as many things as we can ourselves, but occasionally we need some help and we call on guest bloggers and reviewers to do just that.

If you’ve just come on board then HI! We’re looking forward to working with you, but there are just a few things we need to let you know before you start. Below are the Kids in Adelaide Guest Blogger Guidelines. Please read these carefully and send an email to confirming you’ve read, understood and accept the below guidelines.

If we agree to receive your guest post, it doesn’t guarantee that we’ll publish it. We will always provide feedback as to why we wouldn’t publish something but as a general rule if they’re spammy, too self promotional or not something we feel our readers will appreciate we won’t publish it. Please use plain English, be engaging, fun and write something you as a parent/caregiver would want to read.

By submitting your photos you are granting us, Kids in Adelaide a non-exclusive, worldwide, royalty-free, perpetual, licence to use, reproduce or edit them. Please do not send us photos of your kids faces if you’re not comfortable with them being on our website and social media, and please never submit photos of someone else’s child..

Please submit original content. Articles must be written by you and not been published anywhere else before. All images must be your own.

Aim for 500 – 1000 words for an information piece, product review or place review. 250 words for a playground review.

Please proofread, spell check and format your article. Good idea to ask someone else to have a read. Be clear, be funny, be relatable. We have a primary school teacher in the team, she’ll be onto your spelling and grammar with her red Sharpie quicker than you can type their, they’re, there. If your article is sloppy to read, we probably won’t use it.

For regular contributors please provide us with a profile photo and 3-4 sentence bio, including one link that we can use at the end of your article. Also please ask us for the KiA contributor badge for your own website

We reserve the right to edit your work. We’ll let you know of course and if you feel our edits will dramatically alter your article you can opt to withdraw it.

Guest bloggers are unpaid however you will get visibility with our 20,000+ email subscribers and social audience of almost 100,000 and a back link in your author bio

Main things to remember

  • No spammy links
  • No plagiarism
  • No taking credit for other peoples work
  • Only use your own photos. No photos of other peoples children please.

If you have any questions at all please send an email to

Welcome aboard!

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