The Adelaide Park Lands are home to unique playspaces where kids and families can be active and let their imaginations run wild. We’ve compiled a list to make it quick and easy to pick a city playground that will please kids of all ages and abilities.

Bonython Playspace

The Bonython Activity Hub is larger than life and as popular with parents as it is with kids! The playspace has been specially designed to be accessible to children with hearing, vision and mobility impairments.

Unique play:

  • Water play equipment
  • Twin 25m flying fox
  • Huge mouse wheel
  • Accessible merry-go-round

Not fenced. Picnic tables. BBQ and toilets.

Don’t forget to check out Cafe Bonython, newly opened in early 2021 which is an absolutely fantastic spot to take the kids. Read more about them here.

Where: Bonython Park / Tulya Wardli

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Marshmallow Playspace and Oxbow Playspace

When it comes to play experiences, you’ll be spoilt for choice at the Pityarilla Activity Hub. Adventurous kids can roam wild in the nature play of the Oxbow Playspace, hop cross the rocks of the renewed creek bed, and then skip into Marshmallow Playspace.for water play and a slide.

Unique play:

Marshmallow –

  • Water play equipment
  • Wooden climbing frame

Oxbow –

  • Large wooden climbing frame
  • Boulder island and stepping stones

Marshmallow only fenced. Shelter and picnic tables. Accessible BBQs and toilets. Half basketball court and tennis court.

Where: Pelzer Park / Pityarilla

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Princess Elizabeth Playground

Whether you want to be a knight, a princess, a bird or all three at once, this playspace sets the scene perfectly with a castle structure and equipment to get you airborne.
Unique play:

  • Dual climbing towers
  • Castle structure with loop slide
  • In-ground trampolines

Only partially fenced. Picnic tables. BBQ and toilets
Where: Veale Park / Walyu Yarta

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Quentin Kenihan Accessible Playground

Laying claim to being the best inclusive playground in Australia, the Quentin Kenihan Accessible Playground is a beautifyul space in the east parklands. Named after the famed local disability advocate, offering waterplay, sensory play and uniquely designed play equipment, this is a must visit during your city trip.
Unique play:

  • Numerous wheelchair accessible equipment
  • Sensory play
  • In-ground trampolines

Fully fenced. Picnic tables. BBQ and toilets
Where: Rymill Park / Murlawirrapurka (Park 14)

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Nature's Playground Adelaide Zoo

A visit to the zoo is now not complete without a visit to the fantastic Nature’s Playground. Offering the ability for children to climb and see the zoo from a different perspective amongst the tree tops, as well as giving them plenty of space to climb, run and explore!
Unique play:

  • Huge climbing towers
  • Raised boardwalks and tube slides
  • In-ground trampolines

Nearby cafeteria. Shaded seating. Toilets
Where: Adelaide Zoo

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East Glover Playspace

The kooky angles and curves of this playspace may make you feel like you’re in a Seuss book. There are plenty of structures and spaces that give little ones an opportunity to use their big imagination.

Unique play:

  • In-ground trampolines
  • Wooden play structure

Fully fenced. Picnic tables. BBQ facilities. Half basketball court.

Where: King Rodney Park / Ityamai-itpina

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Bundey’s Paddock Playspace

Nature reigns supreme in this pocket of North Adelaide. The equipment has been constructed almost entirely of wood – encouraging nature play by kids and perhaps evoking nostalgia in parents.
Unique play

  • Wooden play structures
  • Climbing rocks
  • Pocket orchard

Not fenced. Shelter and picnic tables. BBQ facilities.

Where: Bundey’s Paddock / Tidlangga

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North Glover Playspace

When travelling through North Adelaide it’s almost impossible to resist a visit to this playspace’s colourful helicopter and enormous tree carved with Australian animals.

Unique play:

  • Play helicopter
  • Play car
  • Sandpit with interactive equipment

Fully Fenced. Picnic benches. BBQ facilities.Where: Lefevre Park / Nantu Wama

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South Glover Playspace

Aside from its distinctive caterpillar tunnels, this playpsace is best known for speed! In amongst the traditional equipment, kids and parents can be found whizzing around on spinning swings and seated flying foxes.
Unique play:

  • Large peaked climbing net
  • Accessible swing
  • Long seated flying fox

Fully fenced. Picnic tables
Where: Blue Gum Park / Kurangg

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Bush Magic Playground

A stunning playground and one of the best toddler/small child playgrounds in the state. Large open space, with a large amount of equipment aimed at the younger kids, while also being fully fenced for that added safety. Lots of parking at the nearby Adelaide Aquatic Centre.
Unique play:

  • Maze
  • Accessible swing
  • Small flying fox

Fully fenced. Plenty of space and natural shade
Where: Jeffcott St, North Adelaide (Next to Adelaide Aquatic Centre)

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