Calling all adventurers! Woodhouse Activity Centre has 54 hectares of natural wonderland to explore and awesome activities including epic Tube Slides, Challenge Hill obstacle course, a giant split-level maze, 9-net disc golf… and that’s just the beginning!

Add a party host, laser skirmish or overnight camping to the base package and you’ve really got yourself a party.

Where else in the world can you do all this?! AND it’s just 20 minutes from the CBD…   

TUBE SLIDES: Think of a water-less water slide or a snow-free ski run where you slide down 100m+ synthetic slopes in big rubber rings that turn, accelerate, go up in bends and stop on their own.

CHALLENGE HILL: An obstacle course designed to bring you together as a team and challenge your skill and bravery, you will find yourself stretched physically and mentally as you crawl, climb, swing and slide your way around the course.

THE LABYRINTH: Work your way through the giant split-level maze, with a fun fireman’s pole and 2 flights of stairs adjoining the 2.8m drop from top to bottom tier. 135m direct route from start to finish, or extend the experience to 537m by finding quizzes and riddles at each of the 17 dead ends. 

LASER SKIRMISH: Arguably the coolest outdoor Laser Skirmish environment in Adelaide. All the thrill and excitement of paintball without the pain – and the mess – of paint balls! 

CAMPING: There are numerous camping areas – all un-powered – complete with shared campfire circles (seasonal use) and adjacent Basecamps which have been fitted with deluxe creature comforts including toilets, hot showers, hand dryers, vanity mirrors and power points for your hairdryer.

Just 10 minutes up the South-Eastern Freeway in the stunning Adelaide Hills, this is perfect for 6-13 year old outdoor-loving kids with energy to burn – and great fun for parents too! Full details at