Folks, the future is here! Remeber the Jetson’s? The cartoon with the family from the future who flew around in flying cars and lived in houses in the sky? Well they probably played at playgrounds like this!

The Dwyer Road playground at Oaklands Park is the first high tech playground in South Australia. With $750k of Federal funding, plus a bit from the Marion Council as well, this playground has come to life and wow… is really something special.

There is a heap of electronic games built into the playground equipment, which the kids will have a blast exploring (we visited during the day and reckon on overcast and in the evenings, the light up games will look amazing). There are solar powered shelters with built in smart phone charging stations (!!!!!), BBQs with sensors to know when they are being used and when they need cleaning, smart watering systems for the grassed areas, lighting which senses how many people are at the playground and will adjust the lighting accordingly and the toilets project a hologram of Mariah Carey to sing ‘All I want for Christmas’ as you do your business! (Ok that part is made up but sounds pretty cool….make it happen Marion Council!).

This is right next to the train station and provides the link to the Marion Cultural Centre and Marion Shopping Centre, with smart boards informing you about all sorts of need-to-know info.

We loved the sand play with a lovely little water feature the little crew will love. The centrepiece is the climbing spider with electronic games to play along with. Just such a great idea and something really unique which is well worth the trip (why not jump on the train!) to have a play.

Where: Dwyer Road, Oaklands Park

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