WOW this playground/reserve is something to get excited about and is one of our favourite parks in Adelaide.

It literally has everything you want for the family and more. This play space has extensive play equipment zoned in key areas to cater for all ages. The little toddler area features a turning mini bouncy sea saw catering for 4 little people , a car for imaginative play and a small climbing piece that leads to a mini slippery dip. Further away it also has a swing set area featuring 4 sets of swings including baby/toddler swing a bouncy animals.

The remainder of the park caters for a variety of ages with something suitable for all. From a giant spinning top, to many more slides , lots of climbing pieces to challenge all ages including a climbing tree frame and a funky geometric climbing wall structure. The equipment also includes some educational pieces and games which is a lovely feature and continues to create a fun learning environment whilst kids are playing. This is a kids delight.

What I really love about this play space is that it has a little creek running through the middle and has bridges that connect the separate areas together. It also features a lovely nature play area with logs, trees and rocks for kids to climb on.

If that wasn’t enough the area also features a ball sports court/cage area, a dedicated skate/bike park area, walking/bike tracks and a huge open grassed area for kicking balls , flying kites, dancing or just running around on. It features many sheltered BBQ spots, has toilets and shade over most of the equipment. One thing to keep in mind this reserve has NO fence and is quite spread out. A reminder if you have a few different ages of kids the equipment/skate park area is quite away from each other with the toddler and younger area closest to the picnic table shelters.

A lovely reserve for BBQs, picnics, kids birthdays. A little FYI there are no shops within walking distance so either bring from home or stop on the way. ENJOY!

Atlantis Drive, Golden Grove