Oh how we do love show time! It all happens this year from Friday 30th August until Sunday 8th September at Wayville. If you are a regular show goer, we have done the hard work for you and are pleased to present you with TEN NEW THINGS to check out at the 2019 Royal Adelaide Show!

2019 Show Bag Launch – 70 kids are about to explode into this room!

New Showbags: We recently attended this years show bag launch (man what a job) and can tell you first hand to look out for the following new additions. Toy Story 4, Kinder Chocolate and Harry Potter. Did you know that hundreds of thousands of show bags will be sold over the ten day period? With average prices between $12 and $25 per bag. Of course there are cheaper and more expensive options. I feel like Bertie Beetle has something new going on too……
View the full showbag guide here >> www.theshow.com.au/show-bags

New Ride Alert: Xscream Sound Min Height 120cm. Prepare to spin!

New Rides: For the thrill seekers big and small, Xscream Soundwave is predicted to be the most popular new addition to the Main Carnival, and for the smaller kids look out for The Enchanted Circus in the Kids Carnival area. Aaaaand I feel queezy already.
View the full rides guide here >> www.theshow.com.au/rides

Chill out with FREE Safari Zoo activities in Kids Zone and meet characters such as Alex the lion from Dreamworks Madagascar

New Entertainment: Pulling up a seat to take a breather and rest the feet has never been more engaging if you time it to swing by the Goyder Stage for the all new Greatest Musical Moments show or the all new Safari Zoo Adventure (found in the Kids Corner). Both completely FREE.
To search entertainment by stage/arena click here >> www.theshow.com.au/entertainment

NEW in 2019! Gang Gang Co – Asian Inspired Burgers & Indo Street Food

New Food: Hands up who loves ‘Show Food’? From the humble Dippy Dog to the more gourmet cultural delights on offer, you will shamelessly find me where the feast is at. This year we can’t wait to try the all new Gang Gang Co (Indonesian Street Food & Asian Inspired Burgers), Juan in a Million (Think feisty Tex Mex) and the Worlds Longest Fries (Errrrrr meye gawd foot long fries!) All sure to be a massive hit.
Grab a look at the food vendors here >> www.theshow.com.au/food

There you have it, short and sweet. Ten NEW things to add to your list for this years Royal Adelaide Show.

A family of four can absolutely do the show for under 100 bucks!

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Happy Royal Adelaide Showing!