Fabulous news that we have been waiting MONTHS for….the opening of the incredible upgrade at Wigley Reserve at Glenelg.

Sometimes fantastic photos do a far better job at telling a story and this is absolutely one of those occasions. Check out how good it looks!

The old playground is long gone and has been replaced with this impressive looking structure that really does catch the eye as you approach Wigley Reserve.

It is important to note that the playground is now only partially fenced (locals would remember the old shaded plastic playground was fully fenced) on the Pat river side only. It is fully open on the grassed reserve side so you will need to keep your wits about you here as the water is pretty close.

The old ‘plastic fantastic’ playground has been replaced with a sensational multi function playspace which will satisfy the climbers, the nature lovers, the jumpers, the exercising types and those who love a good swing. The highlight has to be the huge climbing structure which lets kids of all ages (thanks to really well designed safety netting) climb up nice and high and check out the incredible view of all the fancy expensive boats in the marina. They can either climb over the other side or slide down the huge twisty tube slide! Such fun!

There are toilets here too, those high-tech ones that can sometimes scare the little ones (or adults if their little ones decide to push the button mid visit when the parents are not quite ready for the door to fly open….surely that hasn’t just happened to me?). Parking is not heaps easy, with it being paid (only cost us $1 though and we think there might be some free spots if you hunt hard enough) but it is only a short walk across the nice reserve. They also have BBQs, drinking fountains, some shade but we expect it would get quite warm on the hot summer days and there is some seating.

The reserve is beautiful with the lush grassed area. They hold a lot of events in the reserve so if you are planning on using it for a party, perhaps check with council first for any events planned for that day.

The Holdfast Council have done a fantastic job with the upgrade (which only took about 6 months to finish and with a $1 million budget, it seems like great value). The playground caters for a huge range of people and ages and fits in beautifully with the space. This will be a massive fan favourite for years to come and we can’t wait to go back!

Looking for a place to eat after you have worked up a playground hunger? We love Doughballs just down in Moseley Square….check out more from our visit here.

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  • *** November 2020 Update - COMPLETE! *** UPGRADE COMING IN 2020 The Holdfast Council have just announced that the super upgrade to Wigley Reserve will commence in April 2020 with a $1 million budget. We cant wait to see this new upgrade evolve and will certainly keep you updated. What we know so far is that the new play space will mostly be natural based materials including tree stumps, logs and ropes. The play area will see lots of adventure and sensory play along with fitness hub and will have opportunities for all ages and abilities. The play space will include inground trampolines, climbing tunnels ,slides , swings , log climbing structure, stepping boulders along with a sensory nature trail. In addition there will be bike racks ,custom built shade structures,new landscaping, a partial fence and water fountain. A fabulous upgrade for the Glenelg area catering for more ages,interests and abilities. Below is the existing playground info... Ahoy… Calling all want to be pirates or those who just love to be by the sea. This fabulous playground sits surrounded by grass next to the Glenelg Marina with a lovely view of the water and boats. A Pirate ship takes main…

  • On the corner of Rogers Terrace and Robert St in Maitland there is a great combination playground. It boasts both the typical metal/plastic style playground with a large wooden climbing section. There is a spinning ride (although beware after rain as it fills with water), swings, a big slide, a digger and climbing equipment. It is surrounded by fence for most of the playground with just a small gap for entering (not secure). It has a car park, shaded seating, a free bbq, a double cricket pitch and it's just a short walk to nearby toilets.Fun for the whole family!

  • Yorketown Playground is absolutely massive and there is something for everyone. When you arrive you'll notice there's plenty of parking, there's an information booth for the area and some unique art around the place. Once you've parked you'll see a large playground area, a toilet block, a bbq with a shaded seating area and a short walk away, a big lake. We decided to check out the lake first and on our walk down there, discovered nature play spaces for climbing and exploring as well as many little creatures for children to take delight in. The lake is beautiful and there are walking paths you can take. Once back at the playground you will discover a Loch Ness Monster, flower photo booth, challenging play equipment for all ages and a stunning artwork of 2 rosellas. We stayed and played for well over an hour as it's perfect for kids and big kids (if you get my drift ;-))

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