Have a party at the park they said – it would be fun and easy….. Liars!!!

This was my girlfriend’s reaction post park party outlook.

A first timer in the kids party arena however made a few rookie mistakes that may put her off park parties for life.

A park is built in entertainment, great for cost savings, no number restrictions BUT the logistics can be the not so entertaining factor.

Have no fear the Kids in Adelaide team have out together some sanity saving – sanity checking – party park tips & tricks…. 15 tips & tricks in fact!

1.Back up, Back Up, Back Up… depending the season always have a Plan B for a park party. Too cold, Too hot, unexpected park construction. This is always a good idea weather it be your house or an indoor venue that can take walk in guests. Ideas can be found here or a movie is an easy plan B. A list of cinemas can also be found here

2. Pick a park but not just any park. You can be choosy Adelaide has SO many. Think about the ages, parking, type of equipment and if most guests will be catered for. Nature Play Kids have so many great spots as well as thrill seekers who love a flying fox and consider any guests that may require accessible equipment

3. Check out our great listings for a review and consideration. Kids in Adelaide top tips for parties include fully fenced play grounds, lots of shade and perfect parks for Toddlers

4. Very often the park party covers are first come first served.  We always send someone ahead to snag our party spot early.  Grandparents can be happy to bring a book and hang out for a little while before got there to set up.

5. Bring a just incase kit that includes – Heavy Duty duct tape for a windy day great for keeping the plastic tablecloths on the tables or securing balloons. Scissors, matches / lighter for candles, baby wipes for sticky hands, band-aids, hand santizer, sunscreen pump, garbage bags and if your in the market for a great all in one lifesaving device check out the cart a lot.

5. Encourage guests to bring their own chairs and rugs – one less thing for you to worry about! Specify this on the invites so you do not forget.

6. Arrive 30 minutes early to the park.  Arrive a little early to set up the balloons, plates, plastic ware, and napkins.

7. Platters are your best friend for a park party. Even if you do the maths – platters can sometimes equal the same cost as doing it yourself or pay a bit extra for convenience plus.

8. Some great platter offerings you can swing by and pick up enroute to the park include offerings from Coles, Woolworths, Foodland, Subway or Sushi places.

8. Consider space on your park table and how much room you have. Juice boxes, bottles of water and cans of drink can be a great idea vs large bottles with little room to pour and cups.

9. Individual portions are great for avoiding germs, dirt and bugs. Individual packs of chips and/or fruit snacks.  Easy peasy.  (I much prefer to give each child their own bag of chips than have all the kids sharing germs in a large bowl.  Blechk!)

Image credit: playfordalive.com.au

10. If you can justify one more load bring balls or frisbees for the park party, Kids spent a lot of time running and playing in the grass and the after thought of some outdoor activities always helps.

11. If your party happens in summer – check out some great parks with water playgrounds A Kids in Adelaide favourite is Tusmore Park

12. A present box. Yes an after thought – the gifts! There can be many and no-where to put them! They end up on the ground, accidently opened, cards on the wrong gifts. A clear storage tub or laundry basket is always a great idea to store gifts in an outdoor area

13. Leftovers. The plan is to leave with less than you came so bring some takeout boxes for leftovers to offer to your guests.

14. K-mart is your best friend. No they are not paying me to say this…. (now that is a dream an ambassador of Kmart!) From cups to 50 c bubble wands. When in doubt Kmart has EVERYTHING for your one stop party shop.

15. Keep it Simple. I’ve been THAT person who drags a hundred balloons to a park that then becomes an issue to hang them up, served a gourmet cheese platter for the soft cheese to go yuck in the sun, wanted to bring all the rugs myself to have them match (what was I thinking) … keep it simple. Make a list. Do not go overboard and think back to our top tips.