We SO understand sometimes the thought of lugging little ones out amongst the New Years Eve crowds is The. Worst. Idea. Ever. So here are a few more subdued and easy to manage New Years Eve ideas.

  1. Take a drive up to Mt Lofty or Mt Osmond to watch the early 9.30 fireworks from up high
  2. Raid the local $2 shop for glow sticks and sparklers and have a glow party at home.
  3. Set up a sleep over party in the lounge room with blankets, LOTS of pillows and yummy snacks and watch the fireworks on TV (or find last years fireworks on YouTube and watch them before bedtime)
  4. Make a goodie bag to open on each hour. Draw a time clock on each bag and put some fun treats inside to play with for each hour. Glow sticks, sparklers, party poppers, balloons etc
  5. Make a memory scrap book. Sit down with the kids and write, draw and stick in photos of your favourite family memories of the year.
  6. Resolutions – Teach the kiddies about goal setting and what resolutions are. Perhaps set three each and are always great discussion points as the year rolls on or take a look here for a great worksheet 
  7. Make (and eat) a New Years Eve Countdown Cake! Thanks for the idea iambaker.net
  8. Make your own photo booth at home and snap those last photo memories before the New Year.
  9. Let the kids stay up til midnight, go on, just this once let tell them they can stay up that late, and see how many actually make it!
  10. Make a New Years Balloon Clock Countdown – kudos to Suburbanmom for this great idea!
  11. For age appropriate audience -watch the movie New Years Eve featuring the all star cast of Zac Efron, Robert De Niro and Hilary Swank to name a few
  12. Interview each member of the family about the last year. Use these printables from SohoSonnet Creative Living, or video everyone giving their answers (and then ask the same questions next year!)
  13. Bubble Wrap Bonanza! Get loads of bubble wrap (Office Works or Australia Post) and let the kids go crazy twisting, popping, and jumping on it.
  14. Write a family bucket list for the coming year… for inspiration check out our A-Z bucklist for Kids in Adelaide
  15. Create a calendar of ways you want to give to others in the new year.  Plan something unique each month or find a good cause to support or serve on a regular basis.
  16. Make a day spa in your home! It is so fun to get pampered!  Get creative about which “spa treatments” you will offer.  Ideas include a facial, foot scrub, massage, pedicures and more!
  17. Make Kids “Cocktails” with “pop” drink with non alcoholic sparkling cider or with pop rocks and Sprite – served in fancy glasses of course!
  18. PJ and movie marathon – picking favourite movies of the year and a pizza of course!
  19. Make your own balloon drop. The kids will love this. Thanks to the daily meal for this great idea
  20. Have some Piñata fun so many to choose from!  Check out a dollar store for cheap ones and perhaps even look for numbers of the year.

AND if you’re feeling brave and want to venture out with the kids Check out our event calendar for a great list of Family Friendly NYE ideas. Early fireworks, family friendly locations and afternoon events where you can be home before meltdown o’clock.