Here’s 21 family bucket list ideas for 2021. Some of them are tricky, some of them are easy, some of them will need you to be brave and all of them will be F-U-N! See how many of these you can tick off over the next 12 months and don’t forget to tag us in your photos while you’re doing them!

Kayak into a secret cave

It’s time to dust off those old kayaks in the shed, or borrow or hire a few and check out our favourite places to kayak with kids in S.A. Click here to find out where this special place is

Take a ride in a 35m wheel

In Adelaide until 9 March 2021 the Mix 102.3 Giant Wheel is the tallest travelling, portable observation wheel in Australia at 35m tall and spectacular views over Glenelg. Click here for more info

Complete all 30 stations on Challenge Hill at Woodhouse Activity Centre

Work as a team to crawl, climb, swing and slide your way up the hill. Encourage your team mates and see if you can all get past all 30 challenges. Click here for more info

Find a shipwreck in Dhilba Guuranda – Innes National Park

Find the Ethel Wreck and learn more about some of the other 40+ shipwrecks that lay off this coast. Click here for more info

Drive on a beach

Catch a wave

Whether it’s on a boogie board, SUP or surf board challenge the kids to ride a wave this year. 

Eat a rainbow toasty

You’ll find them at Uniqorn Eats in the city and they’re delicious! Click here for more info

Get down SA's longest zipline at Mt Lofty Adventure Hub

An adrenaline pumping 324 meter ride through the Woodhouse forest. Are you brave enough?

Take a ride on an EcoCaddy

EcoCaddy are a fleet of pedal-assisted electric trikes you’ve more than likely seen zipping around the streets and you might have even jumped on for a free ride through the city. They also run tours. Click here for more info

Enjoy a Picnic at Carrick Hill

Pack a proper picnic, in a proper picnic basket, with your proper picnic rug and enjoy a sunny spring afternoon in the beautiful gardens of Carrick Hill. Don’t forget to check out the story book trail while you’re there. Click here for more info

Spot the Loch Eel at Lake Bumbunga

Grab the picnic rug, a lunch, the bikes and a head on a road trip for the day. The amazing thing about Adelaide is you can leave at 10 am and be back by 4 pm and still see heaps because everything is SO CLOSE! A list of our favourite road trips can be found here 

Complete a random act of kindness

Pay for someones coffee, put a present under the wishing tree, donate your time to a charity, pay off a layby, write a handwritten note to your neighbour, buy someone flowers just because. 

Get to the top of the Crows Nest at West Beach Adventure

Are you brave enough to climb 30m to the top of the Crows Nest? click here for more info

Go fishing from a jetty

It doesn’t even matter if you don’t catch anything! Throw a line in at Brighton, Henley or Glenelg jetty or one of the many regional jetties around South Oz. 

Find the giant squid at the S.A Museum

The display is in an old lift shaft and extends over four floors. The 11m long model is based on the largest squid ever recorded.

Watch glass blowing at the Jam Factory

From the viewing platform (safely above the workshop floor) you can see the vats that house the molten glass, the furnaces the artists use to regularly bring the glass back up to temperature, the workspace where they mould and fashion their art and the kilns to fire them once finished. The skill and courage of the glassworkers is incredible to watch. Click here for more info

Eat a Cow Pat from Melbas Chocolates

Take a drive up to the Adelaide Hills to visit Melbas Chocolate Factory and treat the kids to some cow poo! Click here for more info

Get up close with a lion at Monarto

Pop up to Monarto Safari Park for Australia’s only 360 degree lion encounter. Click here for more info

Snorkel at Port Noarlunga reef

Regarded as one of South Australia’s best snorkeling sites it’s about 400m offshore and 1.6km long. The water is shallow, easy to access and great for beginners. 

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