Nuggets are life. Fact. It is probably also a fact that a lot of you reading this likely have a child(ren) who are those ‘only eat nuggets and chips’ type of operators when you take them out for dinner. No judgement, I have 2 of those in my clan so know all the feels about trying to get them to try something different.

But what if rather than try something different, you take what they already love and make it absolutely bloody phenomenal? Enter….Nugglyf. Home of Adelaide’s ‘realest’ nuggs, made from quality chicken (with vegan options as well). This isn’t your typical Maccas nugget made from god-knows-what, these are proper chicken breast to ensure it is fresh and top notch quality. Big claims to make, so as huge nugget fans we were pumped to try this out.

First thing to note, when we ate in at the Daw Park location, as much as it is a lovely spacious and inviting place to visit, it was obvious from the steady stream of delivery drivers that the locals really have taken to the ‘deliver awesome nuggets to my door’ option. Whatever option you choose, this place rocks and read on to find out why.

Don’t let the name fool you, yes the nuggets are incredible….in fact we got the loaded nuggs as well (parmy nuggs for the win), but there is so much more to this than a simple piece of chicken covered in fried awesomeness. We also loaded up on their burgers, to see how they stacked up (we have eaten a lot of burgers here at KiA and take our role as burger reviewers very seriously). You will be pleased to know, that whether you pick from the chicken (THEY PUT NUGGETS ON BURGERS!) or the beef range, you will not be disappointed. We also hit up the halloumi nuggs as a ‘side option’, which were just incredible. We didn’t get to try the wings (mainly because there was an internal battle between my brain wanting to eat wings and my stomach telling me that my body couldn’t handle any more food…..brain won) but we are going to safely assume they would be spot on.

It is the perfect food for a treat night with the kids. Absolutely no doubt about it. Everything on the menu is perfect for your little crew (and adults too), with a huge range of savoury options as well as well priced milkshakes and some really cool dessert options. We hit up the churro nuggs and they were, as churro enthusiasts, really well done.

We have to mention some of the great value packs for families. We tried the $50 buck ‘Feed the Fam’ deal, which comes with a good range of options which would feed 2 adults and 2 kids pretty easily….but if you are like us and can’t say no to the nugget goodness, an extra side or 2 would really top it off nicely. We love love loved the little kids meal deal, which (with a bit of motherly prep) provided some great fresh chicken breast bits for our big baby to munch on (he won’t know that I stole his kinder surprise)

If you have read this far and haven’t logged off to order yourself some nuggs from this brilliant family friendly place, do it now! You won’t be disappointed.

Find Nugg Lyfe at:

  • 538 Goodwood Road, Daw Park
  • Shop 6/171 Elizabeth Road, Morphett Vale
  • Shop 12, 222 Target Hill Road, Greenwith
  • Brewboys Croydon Park – 151 Regency Road, Croydon Park

Read more or order on line at:

Check them out on Facebook HERE or Instagram HERE

You can order via Menu Log also Uber Eats

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