What’s more appealing than keeping the kids busy, happy and active these holidays!?  When it’s all FREE!! If you’re like most parents in Adelaide, you will get half way through these school holidays and be struggling to work out how to keep the little minions occupied until they go back to school. If you’re like me, you want to do it without spending a fortune. I love hanging out with my kids, don’t get me wrong, but sometimes a few ideas on what we could do go a long way, and a few free ideas are even better.  So, here are a few ideas to get you through the next week with our Top 10 Free things to do with kids in Adelaide:

  1. Check out the Adelaide Park Lands activities – they have recently added the first in their series of Park Lands Treasure Adventures.  You can download the free map with clues HERE, pick up some Adelaide Free Bikes at the North Adelaide Par 3 kiosk (or bring your own) and cycle the short distances between map locations. On this first Adventure you can make a whole day of it by including a hit of golf and a visit to the Adelaide Gaol – a “must do” for an active day out these holidays!
  2. Use your iPad to make some super cool animations using Stop Motion Studio. Ok, so this might be for older kids or with some help from a parent, but these are awesome fun!
  3. Fly a kite – when the weather co-operates, considering making plans to fly a kite. The windy weather helps make kite flying interesting and exciting – so get the kites ready and plan it for a day when there’s a breeze or go to the beach. (Tip: if the weather is too gusty or wind is too strong, try finding a more protected area like a park with plenty of trees – especially for homemade kites like these for smaller kids!). Some fave kite flying spots of our include the beach and Dunstan Playground in St Peters where you can try out the great playground too!
  4. Make paper mache with all the junk mail catalogs arriving in the mail lately. It’s an easy, inside activity and great for days of rain, hail, wind or summer heat which also helps it dry! While it can get a bit messy, the glue washes easily and it usually keeps the kids occupied for ages!
  5. Visit a playground – if you’re after some inspiration on somewhere new check out our outdoor play options page HERE. Some great options are the newly opened, fully-renovated St Kilda and Princess Elizabeth on South Terrace.
  6. Visit a museum – there are plenty of museums in Adelaide to keep the kids busy for a few days and these are great options for days that are too cold, too hot or you just need a new place to wander! Most have some great activities these holidays such as the Opals highlights at the SA Museum and the Migration Museum (note: some exhibitions have a cost involved).
  7. Geocaching is like a high tech treausre hunt and can be done by all ages, fitness levels and skills. To start out head to Geocaching Australia to find local caches and consider one of the geocaching mobile phone apps like this one for the iPhone to help transform your mobile phone into treasure hunt central! (or do what we did last weekend and just write out a list of things to find in a treasure hunt and spend a few hours at a park – my son loved finding ‘a jar of water’ and ‘a jar of wind’?!?!)
  8. Bike Riding – our family LOVES the SA Police Road Safety Centre, or see all the similar ones around Adelaide at the link HERE. Our bigger kids enjoy Eagle Mountain biking park or take the whole family along the beach paths, to a National park like Belair or Shepherd’s Hill or find your own way with these riding maps.  (Just make sure you supervise your kids well and check them out first to make sure they are suitable for their age and ability!)
  9. Go to the Central Markets – in all honesty I can’t imagine a visit to the central markets being *completely* free since I’ve never been without buying something. But assuming everyone needs fresh fruit and veg then you’re not spending any *extra* money – just going somewhere different to buy it. The Markets are a great place to take the kids to see, smell and taste all the great produce and in the holidays you can take part in their school holiday activities like face painting, cooking classes or an edible treasure hunt (costs involved in some of these).
  10. When the weather heats up head to one of the Free pool or water feature areas  – like our fave’s Tusmore Park paddling pool, Glenelg’s Mosely Square water fountains or the new Henley Square water showers.
  11. In winter, a great option is Whale Watching -there are plenty of sightings and the Victor Harbour area makes a great day out for families between May and October.